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Our Mission : To present every person complete in Christ. Colossians 1:28 . To glorify Christ by living and proclaiming His gospel in Singapore and beyond, and loving and caring for all in His name.

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Whether you are new to Singapore, are contemplating a move here, or are simply passing through, we invite you to participate in the life of our community.  If you’re looking for a church, read more about us here.

We meet every Sunday at 8.00 am, 10.00 am and 5.30 pm. Find out more about the facilities for children and families and where you can connect with others in your stage of life through small groups.  We also offer many different ministries which allow you to connect and serve others.  Going through a difficult time? Need someone to talk to or pray with we are here to help.

When you decide to join one of our Sunday morning services, be sure to check out the Welcome Corner. It’s a quick opportunity for you to meet us, ask questions and get settled in.


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10:00 AM

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12:00 PM

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2:30 PM

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Evening Service

Sunday School classes for children ages 2 to 12 years are available at 8 am to 10 am services. Youth service is at 10 am.


10:00 AM

Evergreen Bible Study

09:30 AM

Mums & Tots


10:00 AM

Toddler Time

07:30 PM

Men's Bible Study

08:00 PM

Moore College  

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Mums & Tots


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Mums & Tots

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Men's Breakfast

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3 APR 2016

Out of Darkness

Exodus 1:1-22

Rev Mark Dickens

10 APR 2016

Out of Darkness

Exodus 2:1-25

Kwek Kon Yew

17 APR 2016

Out of Darkness

Exodus 3:1-22

Rev Mark Dickens

24 APR 2016

Out of Darkness

Exodus 4:1-27

Rev Dr  Soh Guan Chin (am)

Dave Riisnaes (pm)

1 MAY 2016

Confirmation Service
(10 am)

Psalm 67(8 am & 10 am)

Bishop John Tan (10 am)
Graeme Gunn

(8 am &

5.30 pm)


We are seeking a physically fit, hands on person to help maintain our premise - experience in housekeeping and simple repair work would be an advantage but not necessary.   Enquiries and applications are to be directed to




Knowing Jesus Is Walking With Us

I do hope you are finding our sermons from the book of Daniel encouraging. Each chapter reminds us of the greatness and power of our God

Daniel 3 features the terrors of fire. I know a little bit about such terrors. I remember being    part of the 1994 bushfires in Sydney that wiped out a big part of the neighbourhood where we were living at the time.  90 of our neighbours lost their homes and one woman lost her life.

About 18 months after the fires a young girl from our Church called Alison was cooking chips in her kitchen when a terrible fire broke out. Fortunately Alison had the presence of mind to act quickly and get herself & her 90 year old grandmother out in time before the kitchen which became a fiery furnace, burnt them up as well.

A few weeks after that kitchen fire I interviewed Alison in Church. Alison shared how she had been aware of God’s guidance & peace thru the whole incident. She was so thankful that they were saved. Then she showed us some burn marks and singed hair.  As the interview came to a close I noticed that a another girl from the congregation called Jodi who in tears, balling here eyes out. You see Jodi was one of the people who lost who house & all her belongings in the bushfire 18 months prior. The interview had brought all the horror back & Jodi could barely cope.

I share that story for it makes a powerful point. Fires are simply awful. They are horrendous. Being in the middle of a fire is to be avoided at all costs.  Yet Daniel 3 features 3 Israelites who behave in a very strange way. They allow themselves to be thrown into a flaming furnace. Now this is utter madness. What would make avoiding a furnace less than a number 1 priority?  Well the answer is - If doing so, meant denying the God that you worship.  The 3 Israelite exiles really believed only God should be worshipped. They committed themselves to obey God, so they would not bow before the image Nebuchadnezzar set up.  But   what exactly did these 3 believe about their God that made them do something which appears at first glance madness?  Well they believed in the promises given to their forefather Abraham. They believed they would receive blessing or good things if they kept trusting in their God.  This same God had rescued his people out of slavery in Eqypt. They knew about that. God had acted in power and love to bless his people then. They knew these things and remembered them when under incredible stress.

We know from the rest of the Bible, God’s blessings reached their climax when the greatest descendant of Abraham and these exiles was born. This one is of course Jesus Christ. Jesus reminds us most of all that our God is a God who keeps his promises.  For it is thru Jesus that all nations, all peoples can be blessed. For Jesus came us rescuer to die to conquer sin and death.

I think the 4th figure the King saw in the furnace may well have been the pre-incarnate Christ. Daniel 3 points us to the promise that Jesus gave before he returned to heaven. He will be with us always.  God didn’t take his 3 followers out of the fire, but  through it. Because Jesus is always with us by the power of the Holy Spirit we never have to face our challenges alone.

Such a thought should motivate us to keep trusting in Jesus.  For no matter what challenge we face (even a horrifying fire) Jesus will be there with us. I think such a God truly deserves our worship!

Yours in Christ,

 Mark Dickens


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