Giving To The Needy

Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Supporting Guest Workers/Foreigner Workers

God calls upon us as Christians to show practical, Christ centred love to the foreigners and needy in our land and in our Church. Due to COVID-19 circumstances, many of the foreign workers are alone, hungry and afraid. We as a church have an opportunity to help them in partnership with other Christians. Due to COVID-19 circumstances, some in our church congregations are struggling financially and are looking for help and we as a church have an opportunity to help the members of the family of believers Galatians 6:10

Here are organisations with which St George’s is partnering:

  1. THE ALLIANCE OF GUEST WORKERS OUTREACH (AGWO*) is providing 12,000-15,000 meals/day for workers confined to dormitories. Formed during last year’s Celebration of Hope, the ‘Alliance’ includes 80 churches including the Singapore Anglican Indian Board, The Smyrna Assembly of God Church, Yishun and Hope Initiative Alliance. Estimated cost for meals is S$6/day per worker or S$240 per worker for the duration of the lock down (until 1st June 2020). See: You can donate directly into the AGWO website, or via St George’s Church – marked for ‘AGWO’. They also need volunteer/drivers who may apply via
    1. Provide 2-month supply of Multivitamins = S$ 18,000
    2. Provide televisions and Christian media content in 3 major languages (Tamil, Mandarin & Bengali) for delivery over 6 months = S$120,000

TOTAL S$138,000. ACROSS website: You can donate directly to ACROSS on their website, or via St George’s Church – marking your contribution as ‘ACROSS’.


We, as St George’s Church, have ‘adopted’ dorms housing 400 migrant workers in Jurong and Admiralty (referred to us by AGWO), providing supplemental food for body and soul. Church members have raised funds and organised logistics to deliver fruit, bread, instant noodles, milk, biscuits, coffee, soap and washing powder. We also provide them encouraging bible verses translated in Bangla, Tamil and Telugu. We intend to continue this throughout the month of May and June. You can help one guest worker with supplementals for as little as $2 a week. Help us reach 5000 people!

Donate to this effort through St. George’s Church by marking your contribution to ‘ADOPT A DORM’.


The COVID-19 crisis is causing members of St George’s Church financial and employment difficulties. Thus, the Church Council has established an initiative to support those in need. Church members can donate and the money will be disbursed by a CARE Committee made up of 3 members of the church membership, Nicholas the Administration Manager and Ian the Vicar. This committee will talk with the people in need, make assessment and determine how to best support those in difficulty pastorally and financially. The Committee will also seek other sources of support such as government agencies to help people get back on track financially. Donate to this effort through St. George’s by marking your contribution to ‘CARE’.

 St George’s Church Bank Account

To support these initiatives, we recommend bank transfers to the church at:

  • Account Name: St George’s Church
  • Bank name: Standard Chartered
  • Bank code: 9496
  • Branch code: 003
  • Account number: 03-083-0457-8
  • Mark your bank transfer with the description ‘AGWO’ or ‘ACROSS’ or ‘ADOPT A DORM’ or ‘CARE’ OR by logging in to your mobile banking app, scanning the QR code or entering the church’s UEN number: T08CC4075KSGC

OR – by writing a cheque to the above bank account. At the back of the cheque write ‘AGWO’ or ‘ACROSS’, or ‘ADOPT A DORM’, or ‘CARE’.

(Note: Under the Circuit Breaker, postal deliveries to the church have are being limited. So, for now, we suggest electronic payment). Please also note, that there is no eligibility for tax relief on contributions to the above parties.

Supporting the Homeless and Displaced in Our Community

New Hope Community Services : Our sister Church, Church of Our Saviour, has established ‘New Hope Community Services’ (NHCS) operating homeless shelters for the displaced in our society. NHCS support is directed at Singaporeans who are homeless (sleeping rough), and Malaysian workers who are stranded because of restrictions at the border. Currently, the NHCS Margaret Drive shelter is well supported. However, NHCS working with government ministries start a second operation in Buangkok for 200 family units. They are looking for funds to hire staff to be on site 24/7. As the CB completes, they will need volunteers for 4 hr shifts to take temperatures, managing hygiene, and look out for behaviour issues. This operation is expected to last 1-2 years. I recommend SG Members donate/make contact to NHCS directly. The New Hope Community Services website is:

Larry Bradley and Ian Hadfield

Chairman, St George’s Church, Missions & Outreach Committee and Vicar of St George’s Church.

Larry’s Tel: 96329857 Email: