Our History

St. George’s Church dates back to the setting up of the British military garrison in Singapore in the late 1860s. Christian ministry was established amongst the barracks by the lay chaplain at that time – Major Malan. Read excerpts from Major Malan’s Diary.

Under his guidance, a church building was erected close to the site of the existing church building, between 1870-1890, to serve the men under his supervision. It soon became clear that a bigger building would be needed to accommodate the soldiers and officers of the garrison. Work began on the new church in 1910 and was completed and in use by September/October 1911. This is the building in which we worship today. Following the withdrawal of British Army troops in 1971, St George’s took on a new role as a civilian church, receiving admittance into the Diocese of Singapore later that year. Built of red brick and featuring a beautiful stained glass window above the altar, St George’s has been the place of worship for many people of different races and nationalities throughout the years – and a haven for those seeking peace and solace away from the bustle of the city. Want to know more? Read St. George’s Revisited