Screenagers – Growing Up in the Digital Age

Parents: Are you watching kids scroll through life, with their rapid-fire thumbs and a six-second attention span? Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston saw that with her own kids and learned that the average kid spends 6.5 hours a day looking at screens. She wondered about the impact of all this time and about the friction occurring in homes and schools around negotiating screen time—friction she knew all too well….

Here is a 2:50 min trailer for the video

Screenagers is a 70 minute video for Teenagers (recommended for children 10 years and older) and their Parents.

St George’s is going to watch it together on Saturday 3rd October from 7:45 pm with a Q&A session afterwards.

To join the evening, you will need to

a) sign up to rent the video using your credit/debit card for one month direct through the Screenagers Website: The cost is $10 USD which is approximately $14 SGD. Signing up will allow you to watch the video twice in the month. Please keep one watching for the event on the 3rd Oct. (you will note from the Screenagers website that you can also pay another $10 USD to watch the second film)

b) sign up here:
to be a part of St George’s Screenagers Event – 3rd Oct 2020 at 7:45pm on Zoom (This step is a free event, but you will need to have paid for the video beforehand from the Screenagers website)

c) Connect via Zoom at 7:45pm on Saturday the 3rd Oct
Topic: Screenagers
Time: Oct 3, 2020 07:45 PM Singapore

Contact Betty at for the zoom details.

Meeting ID: 880 5613 6314
Passcode: 182019

d) On the 3rd Oct we will have a welcome and introductory session together on Zoom and then watch the Screenagers movie separately and then return 70 mins later, together on Zoom, for a 25 minute Q&A session to end the night at around 9:30pm