Special Parochial Church Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a Special Parochial Church Meeting, to elect a second Synod Representative, will be held on Monday the 16th August at 8 pm on Zoom.

Dates to note:

  1. Nominations for the Role of Synod Representative are open and are already able to be received. Download Nomination Form here.
  2. Monday, 26th July at 8:00 pm there will be an online Zoom “town hall” meeting where you can join and ask questions about the SPCM, the role of Synod Representative etc.
  3. Monday, 2nd August at 5:00 pm, nominations will close for the position of Synod Representative
  4. Tuesday, 3rd August, voting forms will be sent out via email and WhatsApp to all Electoral Roll members for you to a) electronically submit or b) print, complete and send to the church office.
  5. Friday, 13th August at 5:00 pm, voting will close for candidate(s) who are seeking election to the role of Synod Representative.
  6. Monday, 16th August at 8:00 pm, the Special Parochial Church Meeting will be held online on Zoom where the Synod Representative will be announced. (There will be no voting for the Synod Representative role at this meeting. Voting will have been completed by 5pm on the 13th August)