Worship Services

8:00 am
Holy Communion

A traditional service, following the Order of the Book of Common Prayer. A creche is available, as well as children’s ministry. Breakfast is served after the service.

10:15 am
Morning Service

A contemporary service, open to all. A creche is provided, as are children’s and youth ministries. Holy Communion is served every 3rd Sunday of the month. Refreshments are shared after the service.

12:00 pm
Filipino Fellowship

Filipino Fellowship is just what the name suggests – a group of Filipinos who meet together for fellowship!

We meet every Sunday at the Centre, St. George’s Church.  Filipinos are welcome to come and join us!

Apart from lunch, which we enjoy eating together, we study the Bible, go on outings to places such as the Botanic Gardens, and learn new skills, including guitar playing and beading.  

2.30 pm
Japanese Fellowship

The Singapore Japanese Christian Fellowship (SJCF) holds its weekly service at St. George’s Church. Worship begins at 1.15pm, followed by Bible study at 1.30pm and service at 2.30 pm each Sunday. Visit www.sjcf.org.sg for more details.

5:30 pm
Evening Service

A contemporary service open to all. Light refreshments are served after the service.

Other Worship Services

In addition, special services are held to mark key events in the church calendar, such as Good Friday meditations and Nine Lessons and Carols.